Get away from the ordinary
"Simpleness is stressless is unbeatable"

Places to enrich your SOUL
hand picked for an
EXCLUSIVE experience!

Bring your friends and family on a beautiful journey. I will pick you up and make your day! The tour might be altered for safety if wind and weather prompts us to., this is the skippers decision and responsibilaty. Feel completely safe as we are fully equipped.  

Small groups, just for you!

Small boat for great flexibility

No other guests, only you and your company.

Maximum of 6 passengers (infants not included).

Four adults sit comfortably. Children sit comfortably in the bow.
Maximum six passengers + infants.

Choose your point of pick-up

Walk to the waters, and be picked up where you choose. Or check for predetermined pick-up points.

Bring your own picknick!

Bring your picknick, ask for a restaurant tour; or do both!

Boat tours:

City Tour €299

Archipelago Tour €599

Restaurant tour €599

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