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Vintage  BOAT
MODERN safety!

Be secure, your safety is first priority.  

Life raft, life vests, sweden rescue!

Life raft for eight persons

Life vests with maximum saety

VHF with distress button - easy to use

Pharmacy onboard

Check the FAQ
for detailed info!


I am licenced as an Nautical Officer class eight
Educated in navigation and life rescue.

Through VHF- medical advise is always close and rescue is never far away. Distress call button on the VHF radio
automatically send our position. More info can be provided to the rescue team through VHF. 


Life vests are provided
At all times, wear the life vest. Land might be further away than it appears.

All lifevests onboard is suitable even if you don´t know how to swim. The life vest will auto-inflate when getting in contact with water, and turn you around the right way.

If you use the life vest, trigger the auto-inflation or inflate the vest manually; an service fee will be charged of 499 kr (49€) per inflated vest.

Dress acording to the weather. At springtime, the sea might be cold and extra warm clothing is necessary.

The boat carries blankets to borrow, just in case.


No smoking
As the boat carry gasoline, smoking onboard is forbidden. This also apply if we stop for gas.
No toilet onboard
On our tours to the archipelago, me make stops on our way out and again on the way back if needed. In case of a crisis, let the captain know. Arrangements will be made.
dYou are responsible for all items you bring onboard, including trash. Don´t leave anything on the boat. Littering is forbidden.
Boat tours of your choice
Boat tours offered are suggestions. You can book a tour designed by you.
How to book

Book your trip online through the contact form. Request a tour, time and date. I will reply with accept or options.

How to Pay the booking fee

To confirm your booking, you need to pay. The offered tour suggestion will be sent to you, accept and make payment through PayPal, 50% booking fee.

How to Pay the remaining fee

Before the return trip, you need to pay the remaining fee. You can pay through Swish, or with cash.

Vintage boat – Modern safety

Our ship carries an easy to use VHF station. In case of an emergency, any passenger can press the distress button. When pressed, Sweden rescue will be notified with an digital May-Day and position.

You can then speak into the microphone to explain the situation.

First hand, the skipper would make the distress call. But if nessecery, any passanges is allowed, if the situatio is life threatning.

It is also possible to contact Sweden rescue to get medical advise in an distress situation.

Sweden Rescue is Swedens JRCC, Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre.

The VHF radio can also help us communicate with other boats and ships. Most common to clearify intentions, not to collide.

With our small motorboat, manouvering to avoid collisions is very easy.


Our boat is eqipped with an Sea-Safe Pro Light ISO 9650-1 Life Raft.

  • SOLAS approved light both internally and externally
  • SOLAS reflexes
  • 4 x 30 liter water pockets
  • Drive anchor with rope
  • Inflatable boarding ramp
  • Veins,
  • Hand flash
  • Parachute rockets,
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle
  • Signal card
  • Knife
  • Sea sickness tablets
  • Throw line (30m)
  • Hand pump
  • Wish
  • Spunge
  • Repair kit
  • Signal mirror
  • Sea sickness bag
  • Emergency signal card.


Our ship carries an outboard motor, minimizing the risk of engine fire. Even so, an powder extinguisher is placed onboard. Capable of extinguishing fires oc category A, B and C.

Please refer to operations here, if you are promped to use the fire extinguisher:


Our boat has an fire blanket onboard. The fire blanket is very effective, please review the video.

We will never make fire onboard the boat and smoking is not allowed.


  • Antacid soda
  • Lidocaine ointment 5%
  • Meklozin tabl. 25mg 2-3
  • Sodium chloride eye fluid
  • Paracetamol Tabl. 500mg 1
  • Tie elastic 2
  • Blood Stopper 3
  • Cotton / Cotton Rondeller
  • Burn injuries
  • Surgeon tape e.g. Micropore
  • Compress sterile (7x10cm)
  • Patch quick-release kind.
  • Tweezers Stick
  • Scissors surgically pointed / blunt
  • Eye rinse cup, multiple times
  • First Aid Brochure
  • Guidance Brochure for hypothermia
Björn is a member of Sjöräddningssällskapet. Sjöräddningssällskapet performs about 70% of all maritime rescue operations in Stockholm.

Never further away than a phone call or communication through VHF-radio.

Create your own boat tour or choose:

Create your own boat tour or choose:

City boat tour includes:

City Tour €299

Archipelago Tour €599

Restaurant tour €599

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